Monday, December 21, 2009

Pantsless Pole Jumper

I've looked at this photo under high magnification and it appears that either this poor guy is pole vaulting without any pants, or that his pants fell down around his ankles in mid-jump.  This fact, coupled with nothing around to break his fall, is going to cause some major bruising.  And not just to his ego.
Source: Faculty of Agriculture fonds (PC 17, A.92-34), Box 9, Folder 205, Item 58

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What the ...?

I believe this is a photograph of some medical students giving this poor guy an examination but it looks like an exercise in humiliation to me.  I mean, really.  Was it absolutely necessary to take off this guy's shirt, put him in some weird feetless paper pants, poke him in the chest, make him rub his head at the same time, and then photograph it for posterity?  Not one of these guys can keep a straight face!  It looks they attempted to create the atmosphere of a lab by drawing diagrams on the blackboard and putting up unflattering photographs of the patient on the wall, but I'm not buying it.  Shameful!

Creator: National Film Board of Canada
Date: ca. 1948
Source: University Relations and Information Office fonds (PC 80, A.83-52) - Box 7, Folder 342, Item 14

Thursday, November 5, 2009


University Relations and Information Office fonds - PC 80 (A.83-52), Box 12, Folder 474, Item 10

Following some intensive research we have discovered that the treasured THUNDERMUG was a fur covered chamberpot awarded to the winners of a tricycle race.  Seriously.  Hopefully everyone washed their hands thoroughly after the presentation.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Winnipeg's Finest?, part 2

This extremely unflattering photo may look like a still from an episode of The Dukes of Hazzard but it is in actuality Winnipeg police officers searching for thiefs who robbed a Corydon Street bank.
Photographer: Gregg Burner; Date: June 7, 1973
Source: Winnipeg Tribune fonds (PC 18, A.81-12), Box 71, Folder 7215, Item 96

Winnipeg's Finest?, part 1

A Winnipeg police constable is happy to demonstrate how to properly hold and aim a pistol to this 10 year-old boy.
Photographer: Jim Walker; Date: April 5, 1975
Source: Winnipeg Tribune fonds (PC 18, A.81-12), Box 71, Folder 7215, Item 65

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Liberal Smackdown

A seemingly innocent photo op at a Winnipeg YMCA appears to take a dramatic turn for the worse as Paul Martin, Sr. manhandles a young Lloyd Axworthy.
Photographer: Eugen Weiss; Date: May 29, 1968
Source: Winnipeg Tribune fonds (PC 18, A.81-12), Box 11, Folder 10362, Item 16

Holy Cheapshot, Batman

Little Joanne clocks Adam West, in full Batman costume, on the chin during a visit to her school.
Photographer: Jeff Debooy; Date: April 12, 1975
Source: Winnipeg Tribune fonds (PC 18, A.81-12), Box 18, Folder 10668, Items 3 & 4

Winter Wonderland

Gary Balzer attempts to enter his car following several days of snow.
Photographer: Frank Chalmers; Date: January 30, 1969
Source: Winnipeg Tribune fonds (PC 18, A.81-12), Box 68, Folder 7006, Item 98