Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Jolly Old St. Knickers-less

Source: University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections - Pugh Family fonds (MSS 289, A.99-33), Item 8
Since her nose is as red as Rudolph's, she may have partaken in a little too much Christmas cheer (if you catch my drift).  It's best that she settle her brain for a long winter's nap where no doubt visions of sugar bums will dance in her head.  Happy holidays everyone!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Jive Revival: The 2nd Annual Movember Historical Recreation

As Movember winds down for another year, and because my Movember team has raised way more than the $2000 limit I set to support research on prostate cancer and other men's health issues, I present to you the second annual Movember Historical Recreation.  To learn more about the original photograph on the left, visit this past blog post:  Thanks to my wife Denise for taking the photo, being my jive partner, and for not leaving me when, really, after this, no one could blame her.

There is still time to donate. Visit my Mo Space here and thanks for your support:

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Some Mo' Movember Historical Recreation

You may recall that in celebration of the end of Movember 2012, I, along with the assistance of several colleagues, recreated a classic moustache pic from the holdings of the Archives.  To refresh your memory, here's the pic:

To close out Movember 2013, I would again like to bring a historical moustache into the present.  But this year I will only do so if I reach my fundraising goal.  My Movember team (which includes fellow libary/archives colleagues James, Jesse, Jarad, and Lyle and other information professionals outside of Dafoe Library) is only $200 away from raising $2000 for prostate cancer research and other men's health issues.  If my team hits the $2000 mark, I will recreate this photo which has previously appeared on the blog:

Please donate here:  Don't miss out on this opportunity to make me look even more foolish than usual.  And thanks for the support.


Monday, August 26, 2013

University Administration's Gorilla Tactics

The description in our database for this photo is "President Campbell accosted by 'gorilla'." I have no evidence to disprove this theory so will assume Dr. Ralph Campbell was simply on his way out of the Administration Building for a meeting when he was unsuspectingly and irrationally harrassed by this 'gorilla' who was, I assume, wreaking havoc on campus that day.

Whatever differences President Campbell and the 'gorilla' had seemed to be put behind them moments later when he appeared to offer the bearded gentleman on the right as a sacrifice to the 'gorilla' and the three of them posed to capture the moment for posterity.
This posting continues a disturbing trend I'm noticing in our photograph collections of costumed hooligans.  See :
Source: University Relations and Information Office fonds (PC 80, A83-52), Box 1, Folder 6, Items 1-2
Date: April 7, 1977

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hand's Up, Doc! #summerspast

Source: University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections - Winnipeg Tribune fonds (PC 18/5092/18-4287-006)
Photographer: Jon Thordarson; Date: June 15, 1979

The streets of Winnipeg have a reputation for being tough but one summer afternoon they appeared to reach new lows as a woman was held up at carrot-point by a desperate rabbit with nothing to lose. In actuality, this rabbit was handing out carrots to passersby on Portage Avenue to advertise the opening of the outdoor summer market in Old Market Square.