Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Deep Thoughts: The 3rd Annual Historical Movember Recreation

Original image on left: University of Winnipeg Archives (SC-2-4 A0621-19298)

Greetings!  Since my last post I have started a new position as University Archivist/Digital Curator at the University of Winnipeg Archives & Records Centre.  This blog will now feature content from the University of Winnipeg Archives but all your favourite content from the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections will remain on the site.

My new position coincided with the start of Movember and so, my initial UW Archives post is the 3rd Annual Historical Movember Recreation.  My colleague, and a fine moustachioed gentleman, Daniel Matthes, has joined me for this year's recreation.  Although we have only worked together for a month, I find it hard to believe that with this photo we have not reached the pinnacle of our professions.  Daniel's background in theatre is evident throughout every pixel.  

Thanks to Brianne Selman for taking the photo and to everyone who supported my Movember campaign, especially my new friends and colleagues at the UofW.  I am touched by your generosity.  I hope you will recognize me now that I have rid myself of that hideous face rat.

If anyone is interested, it is not too late to make a donation.  Please visit my site here.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

When You Wish Upon A Star

Source: Winnipeg Tribune fonds (PC 18, A81-12), Box 23, Folder 420, Item 7
Photographer: Don Hunter; Date: August 6, 1964
It is Dream Big Week at the University of Manitoba campus and Archives & Special Collections has been celebrating via social media by posting photos of some historical dreamers.  Continuing in this vein, here we have Franklyn Shinn and John Stewart stargazing at the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada Observatory in Winnipeg.  However, judging from the slightly menacing expression on Mr. Shinn's face, it appears to me as though his dreams may also be Mr. Stewart's worst nightmare.  Perhaps this apparent resentment is born out of jealousy due to Mr. Stewart's full head of neatly cropped hair and his decision not to choose a style of moustache adorned by one of history's greatest monsters.