Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Winnipeg's Illustrated Rock History - Part 4

Continuing with our ever-popular Winnipeg rock history theme, I present one of the many incarnations of the popular Ukrainian cover band, the D-Drifters.  L-R: Tony Roman, Mike Klym, Dave Roman.  I need help identifying the guys on the far right.  Fun fact: Fred Turner of BTO was once a member.

Date: November 16, 1971
Source: Winnipeg Tribune fonds (PC 18, A.81-12) - Box 3, Folder 10104, Item 3
And Crow Cuss! L-R: Hermann Fruhm, Greg Leskiew, Larry Pink, Marc LaFrance, and Bill Wallace.  Here is a recipe for awesomeness: Add equal parts coats with shorts, colourful knee-high socks, and tubas.  Mix well with 3 mustaches, 2 exaggerated hand movements, and 1 bad pun.  Voila!

Date: August 18, 1977; Photographer: Gregg Burner
Source: Winnipeg Tribune fonds (PC 18, A.81-12) - Box 18, Folder 10654, Item 11


  1. D-Drifters ... front row far right ... Yogi Klaus

  2. In the D-Drifters photo, the guy in the back row right is John Wittmann. He replaced Fred Turner of BTO. In this photo, John's head was superimposed on Fred's body in order to get a quick photo to the organizers of the Flin Flon trout festival for advertising for the closing dance. Before joining the D-Drifters, John played guitar with Donnie and the Footprints and Justin Tyme.